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An American Bush Pilot in Guyana

"I'm a selfish beggar with a mission!"
Fly with Robert Rice as he takes you to meet the people he has assisted in areas of South America where there are no roads. Go with him where the people are poor, where there are few if any doctors for hundreds of miles, through thick jungle and where, if he did not use his flying skills, natives would die, starve from lack of food and medical supplies would be non-existent. Read the true, often funny, often sad, stories of the people he encountered on his journeys. Fly with Robert when the fog is so thick your not sure if the next mountain peak will meet you head-on in the fog or the termite hills must be destroyed because they are so large they can break off a wing if hit.

After you have enjoyed the book, we hope you will return and offer an honest review on the Amazon website.
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