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Jr High Sponsorship
Be Part of the Solution
Your gift helps us fight against poverty and show
Christ's love.
​Empowering Families

“Did you know that most of the boys and girls in our village are not able to continue their education beyond 6th grade?” my neighbor asked. “The families must pay $200 a year for children to continue their education. Few of us are able - we are subsistence farmers.”

When you sponsor a student, you are giving poverty a knock-out punch! These kids are the future leaders and providers for their extended families.


Each of the young people you see on our website is facing a crossroads: stay at home and barely survive as subsistence farmers, continue their education, or cross the border into Mexico to clean houses and work as cooks and other odd jobs.

With education, they have the option to stay in Guatemala and find work in the city using their computer skills. Many of our young women hope to become teachers or nurses. It's our job to pave the way.

Sponsor a Jr High Student


Four students are waiting for a sponsor. Check out the video.

Special Thanks to The Kellogg Family Foundation


Our medical school university scholarship began in 2012 due to a generous gift from
The Kellogg Family Foundation. We so appreciate their ongoing support of this endeavor.

High School/Trade School


​Two high school students need a sponsor.  They will graduate with a focus on Computer Skills, making them more marketable.

University Student


David Andres Perez has been sponsored since 2011. This extraordinary young man is in his 4th year of medical school. He plans to use his skills to help the poor. $5000 is needed to complete his 2016 scholarship.



GCA Snack & Missionary Aviation - Sundays @ 3pm
Host an event at your home or join us here in Dundee.

Flight with Rob - let's set a date!

We will come prepared to share some stories, a video and sponsorship packets with your guests.

Call Jennifer Rice at (734) 846-4092 to schedule

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