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Will you GO to Haiti?

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    Heading to Haiti
  • We plan to have feet on the Ground ASAP.

  • Please help now!  We need to raise $25,000 

  • Tell your church missions committee about us!  

  • Host a GCA Snack & Mission Aviation gathering in your home!

An Answer To Prayer


We asked God to make it clear whether or not we should head back into the mission field. The same day, we received an email asking us to go.

Medical Relief Flights


We'll fly a Cessna outfitted to accomodate a stretcher. 

Village Church Support


We will support pastors and lay people as they seek to bring the gospel to tiny jungle villages.



GCA Snack & Missionary Aviation - Sundays @ 3pm
Host an event at your home or join us here in Dundee.

Flight with Rob - let's set a date!

We will come prepared to share some stories, a video and sponsorship packets with your guests.

Call Jennifer Rice at (734) 846-4092 to schedule

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