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A New Mission and A New Website

Our original website was launched in 2001. Over the years, it lead to extraordinary friendships and many new sponsors, encouragers and prayer partners.

As we prepare to go and serve on a new (to us) mission in Papua New Guinea next summer, we realized it's time to revamp our web presence. So here we are with a new blog on our new site.

Aviation Ministry is Our Joy and Privilege

This ministry is God's project. It has been from the beginning.

I was sure the door was closed to aviation ministry - especially since we gave our Cessna 206 to Integrating Aviation and Ministry in Alaska, three years ago.

God had other plans.

Back in May, we prayed with an elder in our church, asking God to make it clear whether or not we were supposed to go back into the mission field.

A response came the same day - in the form of an email asking us to please come to Papua New Guinea to relieve a pilot and his wife. Over the course of the next several weeks, God continued to affirm this as His plan for us. We rejoice to be in His will, though we know this chapter will not be easy.

Like in Guatemala, we will provide emergency medical flights and support Christian missions. Wild boar, parasites, breach birth labor, gun shot victims... It is important work and God has equipped us.


We hope you will join us.

Actively pray for this mission.

Host a GCA Snack & Mission Aviation gathering in your home.

Begin supporting us monthly.

Invite us to share at your church or small group.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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