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Wanted: Cessna U206 for Haiti Relief

Friends and supporters of Great Commission Air,

We are embarking on a mission to help the long-suffering Haitian people recover, once again, from a natural disaster of epic proportions.

Many people are unaware of the devastation that the last Hurricane did to the western part of the island. Entire villages lost everything - including crops and stores of food. Cholera outbreaks are becoming more common. Food convoys are attacked. Kids are dying from hunger and exposure. Its a big disaster.

We sincerely believe that God wants us to help. Food and medicine can be efficiently distributed to the remote villages with a small aircraft - and - several organizations have asked Great Commission Air if we can help.

We need a Cessna U206 (or similar) aircraft for this project. GCA isn't in a position to purchase, but, we hope that someone out there will be able to either loan or donate (whole or in part) an aircraft that we can use - right away.

Please help us by asking your friends and associates in the aviation world if they might be aware of someone in a position to help out - either by donating or loaning a plane for this project.

GCA is a tax-deductible charity.

Your help and your prayers are sincerely appreciated.

Yours in Christ,

Robert and Jennifer Rice

Great Commission Air, Inc.

a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity

(734) 846-4092

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