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Heading Back To Haiti

Last week we received a significant gift marked, "for your next endeavor." I was humbled and awed as I opened this gift - God knew Papua New Guinea was on hold yet still put it on their hearts to give - why?

Just a few days later, the answer came in the form of a request: "Would GCA be able to help us in Haiti?" came from our trusted Haiti-2010 relief friend, Glen Hyde of Angel Flight 44. Without hesitation, Rob and I knew our response - YES!"

Photo Credit: Kendra Trepus Luna

Our first assignment is to secure a Cessna U206 that is already outfitted for the job at hand. Medical volunteers, medical supplies, food and shelter (tarps/ropes) all are in urgent need in remote island villages.

Yesterday I called a new contact and he commented that he was waiting for two planes conducting air drops - said I should get to know the organization - Remote Area Medical.

Guess what? God used Stan Brock and Remote Area Medical back in 2001 - our first mission as a family - providing medical support flights in Guyana, South America.

Rob has put in a request for leave of absence from his employer. Ten thousand pounds of doxycycline and wound supplies will soon be loaded on Angel Flight 44's Super DC-3. We know God has a plan and are excited to see it unfold.

We hope you will join us.

* Actively pray for this mission.

* Host a GCA Snack & Mission Aviation gathering in your home.

* Begin supporting us monthly or send a one-time gift.

* Invite us to share at your church or small group.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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